Anne Eggebert

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Anne Eggebert is a visual artist whose practice explores the imaging and imagining of place (both local and distant).  She uses video, photography, teletechnologies, and drawing, to question the role of authoritative devices (such as anthropology, surveillance, and Constable's landscapes) in the construction and projection of national cultural identity, and how we describe landscape in the 21st century.  


Her focus is on the idea of the betweenness of place (Entrikin 1991); that we find ourselves caught between an objective and subjective reality that impacts upon our idea of place and our sense of identity; and how our understanding of place can both be disrupted and enhanced through the process of teletechnologies (Virilio 2007), narrative, and image making. 


How the distinction between finding and losing one’s sense of place might be blurred is key to her reinterrogation of landscape.


Eggebert has captured visitors in a museum case amongst the head hunters' trophies at the Pitt Rivers Museum; installed a surveillance video work looking down the sides of 100 metre high tower; filmed the south coast of England from the sea (shown at Eastbourne, Southampton and the Tate St Ives); and moved with her family into Kettle’s Yard House Museum.  For 'Something Strange', at Aine Art Gallery, Tornio, Eggebert collaborated with Finnish artist Tuula Seppanen to make photographs that attempted to mimic their imagining of each other's landscape.  Her recent video works Matching Green and Chigwell Row Wood use the languages of documentary and an anthropological gaze to explore the village green and the suburban forest. 


She has recently collaborated with Sarah Cole on Folly (a new commission for Valentines Mansion, Ilford, to explore the representation of the performing body in the historic leisure landscape); and with Canadian Artist Fae Logie on At a Distance - Dawn chorus (the artists exchanged recordings of the calls of their local forest birds and played the distant song back to their trans-Atlantic cousins).


Eggebert also regularly collaborates with Polly Gould as eggebert-and-gould:


'operating in locations used to promote knowledge or collate certain domains of thought, their work often subverts, unravels or plays at the edges of presented discourses.' (1


They have shown at the British Library; Bury Art Gallery and Museum, Manchester; Cambridge University Botanic Garden as the Garden's first artists in residence for the Year of the Artist; Royal Botanic Gardens in Sydney; Haus am Lutzowplatz, Berlin; and the Royal Institution of Great Britain, London. They curated nature and nation: vaster than empires, a visual arts exhibition, publication (available from Amazon Books) and schools internet project funded by the Arts Council of England National Touring Programme. They have recently been awarded a Heritage Lottery Grant through Arts Council England for their current curatorial project TOPOPHOBIA: Fear of place in contemporary art an exhibition, website and publication (paperback available from John Rule and soon as an e-book from Amazon). TOPOPHOBIA opened at the Danielle Arnaud Gallery (January to February 2012) and tours to the Bluecoat, Liverpool, (opens 3 March 2012) and Spacex, Exeter, spring and summer 2012. See the TOPOPHOBIA website for the artists, commissions, events, gallery opening times and other information.

Freize review TOPOPHOBIA.

Anne Eggebert is a senior lecturer in Fine Art at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, UAL.    


1 Transmission: Speaking and Listening Vol 3 ed. Kivland, Sanderson and Cocker (2004)

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